Savorn, Chan

Education Director & Teacher

Savorn has been a part of ILOL since September, 2017.

Savorn Message:
Cambodia is a poor country and has so many poor people who are living around it. Poverty really affects to the families and kids. People work hard but they only get small benefit. Some families cannot even support their kids at private school. This is such a good opportunity that Mrs. C raised up the school in Siem Reap and she allows a lot of kids to attend English and computer classes.

She said: “I also get a good opportunity to be a local teacher here. I really appreciate of what I have been working with her and all my students now. I'm not perfect, but I am going to try all my best to complete the sessions, activities, knowledge that I already learnt and keep learning as much as possible. I want to see their smiles their laughing and willing to learn”.

She is sure if all children work out with us, they will get a better life of what they have struggling now. She will show them the way to be a good person, disciplined, know morality, and success of what they are willing to do.

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