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ILOF provides foundational education programming for Siem Reap’s most vulnerable children in 3 core areas: language and literacy, English language, and computer skills We provide these services free of charge for the communities’s children and are determined to ensure that all can attend by providing our students with additional support so they can successfully attend school such as: bicycles, clothing and school supplies, and backpacks. The foundation of our work rests upon our belief that children and families with access to quality education and job training and placement, they will be able to transcend out of poverty.

We are entirely community-driven and led, uniquely positioning the organization as one of the few that is by and for its own people. ILOF’s staff features emerging and seasoned leaders from nearby towns and villages who are familiar with the challenges our students and families face. Our staff is reflective of the population we serve and serve as positive mentors and beacons of strength, hope, and neighborhood to our children and families. Our partners work closely with community-led and run child welfare organizations and orphanages and refer students and families to our school, the C-International school. Everyone works together to ensure that their fellow neighbors are able to access and receive services that they deserve at a fundamental level. Together, this simple method of community-based referral enables us to meaningfully work together to improve the quality of life of our own: it truly does take a village.

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