Chariya, Sat

English Teacher

Chariya is a teacher at C-International School. She teaches little kids in Pre-K level (English Class). She currently studying in grade 10 at The Global Child NGO in Siem Reap.

She likes teaching little kids because they come from the poor family and they want to study English but they don’t have the opportunity to study. She always wants to share her knowledge to them because She understand how they feel when they are lonely, when they are not treated by the society. They are living under the poverty.

Here are some of her messages:
They look the same as me. I live in a very poor family. I don’t have enough food to eat. I don’t have money to buy new clothes new thing like the other that’s why I am studying in the organization I hope I can be the one that can help all the children that live in the situation like that. I want to comfort them like my teacher comfort me. I want them to share all about their hardness and I want to make them feel happy. I want to see them smile and have all the knowledge that I shared to them. If they have knowledge they will become a very useful person and they can help their family themselves and their communities.

I hope everyone understand about the feeling that someone is not treated by the society. If you want to stop it you have to start it from yourself by helping the other and give them the warm heart. I want to be a teacher and a doctor but now I just want to share all my knowledge to everyone.

She wish they can get all the knowledge and live happily. I wish you all can make my dream come true by supporting us and helping us with step by step.

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